In a nutshell

I am a mommy of an amazing Type 1 Diabetic big boy, a super sassy, beautiful little girl and a sweet, snuggly little boy. Our oldest is biological and our littles are adopted. I am a wife to a crazy, funny, handsome, hard working, ex-Marine, best friend of a husband. I am strong, I am crazy, I am a great friend and I LOVE. I am a: chef, seamstress, interior designer, foody, party planner, organizer, taxi, Hair dresser, coach, teacher, monster killer, interpreter, DIYer, stylist, personal shopper and EMT.

I love chattin and sharing my crazy life lessons and experiences, in hopes to make someone laugh out loud, learn something new or see something in a new light. I am chatty, honest, stubborn, sassy, caring, thoughtful, totally cheesy, random and witty. I am very protective of those I love most. My close friends and little family are my world. I have learned the hard way to observe before trusting and to listen more and talk less. Please join me while I try to navigate this crazy, amazing…….sometimes I need a drink;) life as a stay at home mom.


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