Getting back in the groove………

So why is it so hard to get back in the swing of things!??!?!!?

I was doing so well. Feeling AMAZING. Going to the gym 4-5 days a week……Then, bladder acted up a little. Nothing compared to how it used to be, but enough for me not to want to overdue it and take two steps back health wise….Now, feeling better, its summer break, kids want to have fun, we all want to sleep in, swim and go to the movies…..I find myself feeling a little gross and sluggish….I NEED TO GO TO THE FREAKING GYM!!!!!

I know, it will make me feel better, give me more energy and have more confidence in my appearance, so why am I not going…….

Because I am being a lazy ass and need to snap out of it!

I was not seeing the quick results I needed to see to keep me motivated. Now in my 30’s, my body no longer bounces back like it did before I got sick….Now thinking about it, that was a really long time ago……pre-pregnancy, was the last time my body was really healthy….and our oldest is soon going to be turning 10…..Boy have these years flown by. I need to buckle down and take care of me. Being a mom, its so very hard to think of yourself as a priority. I know I have talked about this before. i guess I need to keep repeating it to myself to remember and actually have it resinate, that I can not be a good wife and mother if I am not taken care of. I forget sometimes. I begin to feel tired, sluggish, kind of gross…..then its like, no shit Dezharae!!!!!!……what part of today was designated to make you feel better????? What did YOU do today for YOU?????

I am getting better. Becoming more aware, but always a beautiful, crazy work in progress<3

10514793_10204389097314275_1003468277_n-this afternoon, on our way home from the movies:)


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