Sports + tired kids = Happy relaxed parents


So growing up, my brother was the sports star. I did the occasional cheerleading. Then cheered in elementary school and junior high. I was nowhere near a soccer or basketball star, I cheered for those:) I did not discover my love of any sport until I was 15. Falling head over heals for boys, my parents decided, that I needed to learn how to defend myself before I was allowed to date a boy with a vehicle;) I think, that was one of best parenting decisions………ever! Now, thinking back, I think my parents truly thought “kickboxing” was going to be very short lived for me and they could postpone the dreadful, teenage daughter dating scenario all together……..well that kind of backfired;) I fell in love with kickboxing & boys and ended up boxing for almost six years. It did however work on the boy front. Thank god, I was never attacked, think it might be because all of the boys knew if they fucked with me I could technically break their legs…that might have helped;)

Now, as an adult and parent, I feel sports are very important. Knowing how strong you are and just how much your body can endure is nothing short of amazing. Right now, I have mentioned before, my body, after nearly ten years of pain and surgeries. I can workout and fell wonderful. But, if it wasn’t for my old kickboxing days, that really good pain from a crazy workout. Having a rough time, a painful time lowering in a squat position to the toilet because your legs hurt “that” bad. I love it! Being a parent, I want all of our children to find a sport they love and stick with it. Heck stick with a few if they want and work hard to better themselves. Now, looking back, sports teaches you so many amazing things, wonderful life lessons you will use daily. Participating in a sport growing up teaches you about team work, tolerance, discipline, being a team player, encouraging others, working hard, working through the pain, playing through the pain, keeping a schedule, being on time, being prepared, planning, confidence, power. It teaches you that hard work pays off. You get better with time and effort. There are probably tons more that many can add, but this is my list. This is what I have learned and hope my children will learn this and more. Don’t get me wrong, I am a fan of a day in my pj’s watching movies and being lazy. However, I really enjoy the way it feels after I work out. The instant energy/natural high you get from moving and training your body. I want my children to grow up with this being their normal. You can see the instant gratification and intense sense of pride when your child finally gets the whole cheer, or gets a great tackle. They worked for that and deserve to be so proud of themselves.

Circling back to my title “Sports + tired kids = Happy Parents”. Right now, with a soon to 10 year old, a 5 year old and a 3 year old, sports are wonderful. As parents, kids sports are a big sacrifice. It takes a lot of time and effort to get kids to and from practices and games…but it is so worth it. Our 10 year old is in his 4th year of football, and is rocking out there. Every day getting better and stronger. Now, being one of the examples out there on foot work and ladder drills. It is so amazing to watch where he is now compared to where he began. He has grown, improved and learned so much. And he works his ass off for every minute of it. Year round speed and agility training, doing things that would make me barf, he makes look like a cake walk. And our sweet 5 year old has began her first year of cheer. She has been trying to participate in big brothers speed and agility and already knows the moves and words to a few cheers. As one of the youngest girls out there, she is kicking booty…….and shaken it;) Our 3 year old will be in sports soon enough, right now he is mommies budy and sideline entertainment 😉

This week we began a cheer/football camp to get the kids ready for the upcoming season and, let me tell you……between that and school, my kids are pooped, asking to go to bed and nap……I am loving every minute of it. They are learning, taking care of their bodies, having a blast and making mom and dads job easier. The life lessons will come and stick, but for now……I will take the extra peace and quiet.



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