Endocrinologist appt……another success!!!

10362990_10204053458763521_1430824724_n-taking a little siesta while we sit in traffic on our way to the Dr.;)

So our Daring Diabetic had a wonderful Dr.’s appointment yesterday! If you do have a Diabetic, you can understand my EXCITEMENT!!!

A1C, very good!

Giving own injections, HUGE step!

Blood work, perfect!!!

Thyroid, completely level!

Forms filled out for Diabetes Camp, check.

Refills, done for the year!

Hunter and his AMAZING Dr. giving each other book reviews and suggesting new books to each other…..priceless<3

It is just crazy how much of a difference a good Dr. makes in comparison to a GREAT one. We have been so lucky, that even though his diagnosis wasn't ideal, we have had such am amazing experience. With it all. Dr.'s, nurses, hospitals, camp. It has been a rough road. A great learning experience. And I think we were given this as a family because we CAN handle it. We DO it, do it GREAT and keep our boy happy and healthy. Wouldn't change our journey for anything in the world. It has gotten us HERE. Stronger.

Happy Tuesday.
Please tune into our Radio Show tonight. Just-4-moms on BlogTalkRadio:


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