Sometimes I feel like a Dumb ass, having a conversation with my 9 year old!!!!

Is it just me or do kids seem way smarter then we were at their ages??? Our 9 year old has been a very bright boy from the start. He just catches on so quickly, I am very envious! Both my husband and myself got average grades in school. We were nothing close to scholars and sometimes barely got by , by the skin of our teeth….but hey, we had FUN;) So when Hunter began speaking before his first Birthday and carrying on conversations at age two, we were amazed. Now a big bad third grader, reading like crazy, on honor roll and a great athlete, tons of friends…….Who made this kid!?!?!?!?!?!?!??! Where did all of these brains and well roundedness come from;) So getting back to my title….

I more often then not find myself having these random conversations with him, where he will ask me question and I seriously have no idea what the kid is talking about…Since around age 3 he has been obsessed with Net Geo Wild….Since I was sick at home with my little booger from early on, tv was just part of our day because of my usually, sofa ridden pain. But I was not going to let my toddler drown himself in Spongbob, Power Rangers, Cartoon BS….if we needed to watch more than we should amounts of television, we were going to learn something. So this began his wild life, animal loving, sea creature obsessions. This kid knows so much about animals, he gives us tours and commentary at the Zoo. About 90% of our conversations begin with, “Mom, so yesterday on Nat Geo Wild…….” I am so very happy, television has not rotted his brain. I am happy that although staying home with me, having a sick Mommy, arts and crafts, painting murals and flashcards aren’t the only things he remembers;)

So a few minutes ago, littles ones napping and of course his favorite show on the tv, here came the questions…….well, they have now become more of teaching moments for his mother;)

todays lesson: breakers-between swamps and beaches
snakes-heat signatures

…….my brain is growing!!!!!! Thank you my smarty pants boy:)



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