Mothers Day!!!!

I don’t know about any of you but my Mothers Day was lovely!

When my husband asked me what I wanted to do, or wanted as a gift, I answered the same way I have for the past three years(since jumping from Mommy of 1 to 3). A day of peace and quiet. I do not understand how getting myself and all 3 kids all dressed up, my husband yelling about us running behind and then waiting with starving children at a busy restaurant is fun!??!!? That seems ridiculous to me. Or what we used to do growing up: get all dressed up, drive far to meet at a busy restaurant with my fathers side of the family, then rush back home to walk down the street to my grandparents house to have another meal(that all the woman would cook). To me, these do not really seem like “Mothers Day”. It all seems like just another regular get together. So, I asked for exactly what I wanted. And I got it. I love my Mothers Days!!!!

My idea of the perfect Mothers Day is a day of quiet and relaxation. A day where I do not have to settle arguments, fights, answer every question, wipe every butt, cook every meal and let everyone else pick what we are watching on tv. I know I am not alone, when I say….I do not want to hear my name,”MOM” yelled from every child, when they need something…anything……all the while DAD is sitting right next to them;)

So here is how my MIRACULOUS….I KNOW YOUR KINDA JEALOUS Mothers day went:) I woke up to three adorable children bringing me homemade cards. My wonderful husband made me some coupons(for his help around the house) and a my breakfast shake.(they did offer to go buy me breakfast but I really LOVE my morning shake). Then, children gave me hugs, said Happy Mothers Day and Daddy banished them from the Master Bedroom. The entire day was spent in my pi’s, watching what I wanted to watch on tv, reading on my Kindle and napping…..It was freakin awesome!!!! I occasionally got a knock on the door from my husband asking if I was hungry or needed a drink refill. I had lunch and dinner delivered to me, in bed “room service style” and loved every minute. Perfect Mothers Day!!!!

You see, I could have asked for something shiny, or new shoes for the gym, or even a massage or something(actually sounds pretty nice today). But though I want those things, I felt my request was what I need on Mothers Day. A break. To rejuvenate and relax. Not hearing my name yelled a million times for one day, was just what this Mama needed.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Mothers Day!


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