My beef with the crazy ass screaming lady……

Ok, so I LOOOOVE the gym and most of all my morning Spin class. I am so happy that my body, most of all my badder, are finally healing up and allowing me to take better care of myself, especially exercising. It make me feel wonderful and a great way to begin my day. That being said, why in the hell do people moan and yell and make ridiculous noises while working out???? I mean seriously???? I, close my eyes, with sweat dripping from my head, into my eyes and down my back and quietly curse out my bike. Doing this does not interrupt anyones workout, or cause the entire class to turn around making sure someone did not plummet to their death and fall off their bike. Your loud ridiculous noises either sound like you are dying a slow and agonizing death or that you are engaging in some sort of sexual act. No one is interested in your moans and groans. Your noises are a distraction and if you feel the need to scream while working out, please go into the racket ball court. In that wonderful Plexiglass room, you can scream and yell your brains out, with your fellow moaners and not interrupt a soul. On the racket ball court, no one can hear you and in there, you will be among your people. Thank you.


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