Original vs. Remake….Why can’t we like both????

My husband gets a little frustrated with me because, I usually like the remakes of songs just as much as the original. He tends to stick with the original more often then not…..What can I say, I like what I like!!!! If I really like a song It might be on my iPod more than once by different artists……Is there anyone else with me on this??? Or does the cheese stand alone????? Either way does not bother me, but I am curious:)

Here are a few where I love both versions, by both artists.

-beautiful, I mean come on its Stevie Nicks. BTW, loved her on American Horror Story this season.

-really like this version as well. Love the guy playing music on the side;)

-Love me some Sinead o’Connor!!! Love singing this one at the TOP OF MY LUNGS!!!!!

-Oh how I can and will do a whole Blog on Van Morrison

-I really like the Eddie Vedder version much better:)

-I did not know David Bowie was the original singer?!?!?! I remember watching Nirvana sing this and falling in love with this song.

-How could you not LOVE and OWN both of these?!??!!?…I do.


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