Well we switched again!!!!!!!

So, I talked before about the difference and Pros and Cons we had with Insulin Injections vs. an Insulin Pump…..Well we have another for you….We just switched to the Insulin Pen…and Love it!!!!

Our Little Daring Diabetic will hit his 5 year Anniversary of Diagnosis in August. The day after he turns 10, to be exact. He is such a brave, strong boy. Just practicing at the hospital giving each other (my husband and myself) injections when we were being trained, just days after his diagnosis and the reality of his new daily normal, we sat in tears thinking of our child’s future including multiple injections daily and 6-8 times of poking his finger daily. Carrying meds with us everywhere we went and measuring food, counting carbs, adjusting insulin dosages according to activity level. Would he have a normal life? Could he do everything he dreamed of? Could he still have the wonderful, reach for the stars life we had been dreaming for since before he was in my belly?????

……The answer……HELL YES!!!!!! You see, I think many people think of this as a death sentence (we were guilty at first as well), or take the opposite view like its the sniffles. I do not understand how parents of Diabetics can not properly care for their children and keep them healthy. We have not allowed Hunter to think that he was anything other than amazing and capable! As long as us parents, set a great example, are very diligent about our children’s diabetic care, make it part of our daily, normal routine….How can they grow up thinking any different?? Our Diabetic, is on Honor Roll, will begin his third year of tackle football in August, played baseball this year, does speed and agility training year round, has sleep overs and eats ice cream….He is a normal kid. Right now, he said the Insulin Pen helps him feel more normal, so we switched:) It also gave him the confidence to try giving himself his own injection. COMPLETE SUCCESS!!!!! He is enjoying, taking that control and responsibility over. And we think that is awesome!!!! We do have him, double check everything with us of course!!!!;)

FYI, the last time we used needles for insulin was over two years ago. Apparently, needle size has come a long way since then:) We now have a tiny needle, that is about half the size and width of his old ones. 90% of his shots, he claims he can’t even feel….What an AMAZING thing for a parent to hear!..and a Diabetic to say!!! Also, when we were using needles years ago, we needed to carry a cooler with ice packs for insulin bottles to stay cool…look what I just purchased on Amazon:


no coolers required anymore!!!

My husband found this two years ago at a gun store and Hunter loves it!!!


And how freakin awesome is this?!?!?!?!!??! The left side is the new and improved tiny needle size, compared to the right side which is the size we used when Hunter was first Diagnosed:)PenNeedles

A little Military pack. Added a Medic patch and now he has a manly satchel for his Diabetic supplies. No need for a fanny pack, or purse like contraption;) Get creative!


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