My beef with the gym/my happy place


So am I the only one who is very confused by the gym? I have a few problems, same problems I have with previous gyms I have worked out at and I do not understand why there are “problems”, when there are very, “easy” solutions to both;)

1. Why is there never enough parking spaces at the gym?????
-I have attended probably about four gyms, in different places and it is always the same crap. How about purchasing a facility with more parking or pick a place with a larger shopping center to accommodate your patrons. I have heard of many people leaving, because they could not find a spot. I am that crazy lady that drives around in circles for 20 minutes to find a spot;)

2. Schedule more Spin classes!!!!!! My gym is not the only one that has a sign in early, get a # policy……I have even scene gyms where they have you pay a $1 to reserve your spot. So, I was arriving 15-20 minutes early to get a spot and adjust my bike/warm up…It was working very well. Then out of no where, I got there 15 minutes early and the class was already full!!! WTF!!!!!! I need my Spin Class!!!!!!! There is no where else where I can burn that many calories in 45 minutes and have fun doing it!!!!!! SO now, I am arriving 30-40 minutes early to be one of the first ones on the list….holy crap….seems a little ridiculous but, I really like the class!
So this is my beef! I even heard some little old ladies(getting ready for water aerobics) in the lockeroom complaining about the parking situation as well….Glad I am not the only annoyed one.

Even though this place drives me bananas…I am very thankful my body is finally healing and allowing me to take better care of it without being in terrible pain. It is very true,”Everything happens, when it is meant to happen.” I am really liking my 30’s. It is a lot harder to get in shape, takes a lot more time and effort……..but……I want to mature like a fine wine……only get better with age;)



2 thoughts on “My beef with the gym/my happy place

  1. I love your willingness and desire to go that “extra” mile or in this case “extra” few spins around the parking lot so you can get your bike!!! Keep spinning Dez, you are looking amazing and remember, “If mama ain’t happy – ain’t nobody happy!”

    • Amen!!! And thank you!!! Wish my thyroid would cooperate a little better, but I feel really good:) Mama’s HAPPY!!!!!

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