Monday morning….no school/school???????

So, who wakes up early on the last day of Spring Break and drives their child to school????????? I DO!!!!! We had no idea there was no school today. I mean, I think we secretly both were crossing our fingers;) But we seriously thought it was a regular Monday school day. We have had a wonderful Spring Break/Easter Vacation. Our oldest went shooting and go-cart racing with his dad and guys from work. We took a museum trip to see Airplanes for a belated Birthday trip for our big 3 year old. Swam with friends, went to an over the top, AMAZING, Circus Birthday party. Went to a baseball game….and last but not least had a wonderful, relaxing Easter! We kicked off the Holiday with a great breakfast of French toast and ham. Walked the dogs around the lake, changed quickly and walked to the pool for some waterside action!!!! Then came home and cooked some super yummy food and waited for our wonderful Auntie, Papa and Nana (BFF and her parents/our surrogate lovely family) to arrive. It has been a great week, and last night we were all dreading having to wake up early for work and school.

As I woke Hunter up for school this morning, it was little like pulling teeth! The moaning, and whining….”Its too early mom!!!!” But we powered through and still left on time. As we began the drive down our street it was a little confusing not to see any other cars on their way to school. We turned the corner and that is usually a mad house of cars racing through the gates to get their kids to school on time…..and it was no one. As we got closer to the school and exited our community gates, it felt like a ghost town, well compared to the usual crazy hustle and bustle that is school drop offs;) I mentioned, hey maybe you don’t have school today! Hunter quickly replied with,”don’t jinx it mom, I have been hoping the whole way!” We rounded the last corner and…….school was empty! Yay, for one one day of Spring Break!!!!!! Hunters face lit up like I just told him we were going to Disneyland!!!!!! I was pretty excited too:) Who can’t use one more day of vacation???????

Here are some highlights from our Wonderful Spring Break!!!!






Hope everyone had a wonderful, relaxing Holiday!


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