Mama needs some noise canceling earplugs………stat!!!!!!

Love my Lil'Diabetic!

Love my Lil’Diabetic!

-this pic is an oldie but a goodie

-and a new one just because

So I love my children more than life itself. But sometimes they really just annoy the crap out me. As I sure I also do to them;) You know far too well what I am talking about;) When those voices have not stopped for hours and you just want a handful of quiet minutes????? When the sound of your name, “MOM, MA, MOMMY, MAMA, MAAAAA”, just makes you get a little eye twitch????? Well the other day was one of those mornings for me:) It was the weekend and I was making a big delicious breakfast. From the second I opened my eyes, my nine year old hadn’t stopped in between sentences to breathe. Now I know this could be part of my payback for being quite the chatter box from birth to present day but even the most talkative of us need a little quiet time;) So, this apple didn’t fall far from the tree;) He needed to chat about everything from all of the things that happened at school, to the funny thing his friend said at baseball practice to the new hibernation facts he just learned on Nat Geo Wild. Now I am not saying, at all, that I do not LOVE to talk to my children. That is all I do all day every day. I overwhelm my poor husband a little everyday when he walks in the door and I blab nonstop for 20 minutes because I have only conversed with little ones ALL DAY. I am saying, just like in any other profession or something you do every……single……day….sometimes, you need a break. Even if its just for few minutes. This is how the lengthy, few hours long conversation was going;)

Mom, I was watching Nat Geo Wild, do you know how many animals hibernate?
-no how many?
Mom, Nat Geo Wild just showed a Bald Eagle lift a baby deer!
-no way!
Mom, I know all of 9x multiplications facts! Wanna hear them?
-sure go for it!
Mom, how big do you think the real Easter Bunny is? Does he get in like Santa?
-Great question, think he uses magic!
Mom, do we have any gum? I have been practicing blowing bubbles
-Awesome, check my purse bud
Mom, how old were you when you first blew a bubble?
-probably around your age
Mom, do you know how to sing the National Anthem in Minion?
-Hunter, do you know how to be quiet in human?
Mom, very funny.

…..these questions and many more like this continued for the better part of about two hours, while I got up, dressed, brushed my teeth, got kids up, through a load of laundry in and made breakfast. This kid is his mothers child in regards to his non stop talking, lack of patience, sarcasm, attitude…..I can go on and on…..I was not trying to be mean or rude I was using sarcasm to channel my frustration and thats ok! We both got a chuckle, my husband was bent over laughing hysterically. Hunter(our 9 year old) laughed and kept talking.

Happy Weekend….TGIF…..Its almost Easter!!!!!


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