Parenting books…..for or against????????

So my husband and I met at 19, were engaged and married at 21 and had our now nine year old at 22. We were young, married and parents before all of our friends. We were the first. Being so young, we were in survival mode. Both working full time and learning this whole grown up/married life/new parents all at once, to be completely honest….parenting books were very far from my mind. The closest thing I had was “What to expect in the first year”. You know the sequel to “What to expect when expecting”. That was pretty much it. Seriously. Like most new parents, we were in awe of our beautiful baby boy. He was perfect in every way. Our main concerns and stresses were if we had enough money to pay all of our bills.

I never looked into the safety ratings of carseats, or how old your child should be before you apply sunscreen. I didn’t have time for those things. I was too busy working, making dinner, feeding a baby and talking to a girlfriend on the phone about her college boyfriend issues. As long as the three of us were healthy and happy, everything was good.

Fast forward to four years later, getting ready to go into the hospital for a total hysterectomy and wanted a book to read for some distraction. There was one I had seen on Oprah…of course….and I was sold! I watched this amazing man give a talk on her show and I was balling. I was at Barnes and Noble the next day. Man that Oprah can really boost book sales!!!!! A few days later was my surgery and I was laid up in the hospital for four days, it was on! Well, or so I thought?!??!? Just a few pages in I was hysterically crying and had to stop. It was weird though. It wasn’t like a sad sobbing cry. It was a good, happy, therapeutic cry. The book really made me stop and think about how I parented. How I lived and wanted to live. I really began thinking about how I approach situations in regards to my children and how I approach them in regards to myself. Now this is what I got from the book, you could get something totally different. You will get something. I promise. Listening to and reading his words completely opened my eyes and heart to so much. It was an awesome, beautiful book. His book is “The Last Lecture”. Can’t wait to read it again and encourage everyone to read it. Super easy, short read.

Here is a taste. I cried re-watching it just now.

Ok, so on to a lighter, more hilarious parenting book. I grew up watching and loving “The Cosby Show”. Still watch it late at night. Holy crap I love The Cosby Show!!!!! Oh, how I wanted to be a Huxtable!!!!! I mean seriously, who didn’t?!?!?!?!
Here is my favorite!!!!!

So, a few years ago Hunter(my 9 year old) and I found a used book store near by and he found tons of awesome books. I on the other hand, was not so lucky…….that is until I saw Bill Cosby’s face:) It was “Fatherhood” and it was only 99cents……SCORE!!!!!!!! Anyhoo, read the first few pages in the store and was laughing out loud…..Yes, it was that funny!!! Its his take and thoughts on parenting. Its crazy funny and brutally honest….I loved it!


So we might not have prepared as well as some, beforehand. But I believe we are learning, growing and preparing for our future….just right:) Perfectly for us.


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