Faith in mankind……………..RESTORED!

So this morning, as I do most weekend mornings, went to fill up at the gas station and car washed solo. FYI, I love my weekend morning tradition. Its a little me time, quiet car ride and no whining or fighting in the backseat…little slice of heaven. So anyhoo, filled up the tank, paid for my carwash and drove around to get in line. Most days, I am the only one and go right through. This morning, I was not the only one with this brilliant idea. I was about the fifth person in line and soon after had three cars behind me. Oh well, more time to look on Facebook and sing to “my music”, no “Frozen” songs this morning;) So I am finally the next in line, type in my code and the freaking person in front of me proceeds to not move. Dryer comes on, lights say pull forward and the car is motionless. At this point I have already typed in my code and lights are telling me to pull forward, so give a little honk to the car still in the wash, and yet again nothing. At this point I begin to use a few four letter words as the wash I paid for is beginning and the couple in the car, in front of me is getting a second wash. I was ready to jump out of my car in a rage!!!! They obviously were not hurt or anything just being a bunch of Assholes I guess….So sitting, yet again, waiting for the second wash to finish, I am cussing up a storm… myself none the less. Waiting for the idiots ahead of me to finish. While this five minutes seemed to take forever, I came up with a plan. I was going to pay yet again for my carwash because, face it…I was not leaving after waiting in that line again for another wash and I was going to march into that gas station and complain with my two receipts. I might not solve anything, but someone was going to hear about this!

Car wash finishes and me, still ranting up a storm to myself, attempt to purchase another wash. When suddenly the car ahead of me stops mid dryer and a last gets out of the car screaming. She said hey, wait and came running through the car wash to my car. She said “oh my God, I am so sorry. We were talking and weren’t paying attention and got confused.” “I think we stole your car wash?” Me: Sure did. “Please let me pay for you wash?” Me: thank you, I got the Ultimate.(I really did pay for the best one…..the first time;)) She swiped her card and left. I pulled into the carwash and called my husband right away!!! “You will not believe what just happened!!!!”

After telling him the story we were laughing and I felt a little silly but, I was temporarily really mad. How dare they steal my wash. Greedy bastards getting two washes!!! Who do they think they are????

Ok, I’m finished:) They totally could have just drove off and been complete asses. I would not have followed them and chased them down for my $11 drive through car wash. It was very decent of them to apologize and repay me. I was impressed. Not so many people like that left. So this 20 minutes went from wonderful and relaxing to mad and cursing up a storm to restoring my faith in mankind. Thank you strangers in a super clean white four door sedan, you pissed me off and made my day all within a few minutes;)

p.s……I love the way the different colored soap sprays onto the car and at our car wash you can smell bubblegum when the soap sprays……its the little things:)


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