Playing Oprah for the day:)

It was my birthday last week and I was asked by friends and my husband what I would like to do? Where did I want to go? So I do not really like surprises. Like at all.Though the idea, thought and effort spent planning a surprise is amazing…it kind of gives me anxiety. I’m bananas, a little OCD and a wee bit of a control freak….but only in certain aspects…this is one of them. I do not like opening gifts in front of people, being sang Happy Birthday to. Its just me. A simple Happy Birthday or card are more than enough to make me happy. My husband always asks me what I want? What do I want to do for my Birthday? And I always have the same answer…….I do not want to cook dinner. I want a nice, thoughtful card and that it usually it. If he happens to get me flowers, well that’s lovely, but not expected. If there is something he remembered, I said I wanted….bonus points…But the two of us usually see something we want and grab it, right then.

I rather throw the party, shop for the perfect gift, or put together a thoughtful, great surprise for someone else……that makes me happy. So, back to the whole Oprah for the day! So we see on Oprah and Ellen, when it is their Birthdays, they share their favorite things with people. I would love more than anything to share, my favorite things with everyone:) Since I am not rollin in the dough…. I would still like to visually share some of my favorite things. I am actually only going to share things I already have and LOVE! This is going to be fun…here we go…..

1. Nail Polish I love nail polish and its a really easy way to feel extra pretty. I have not gone in for manicures or pedicures for years. I like to do it at home. Its my Mommy quiet time. Take a shower, put on some cozy pi’s, kids in bed, hubs downstairs watching tv. Me alone, my own remote, painting my toes….its very nice. here are my favorites: OPI & Essied019d35e7578e75ec57a9165e7923fc4ab452182c766a4fdf59e62c1cab84bf1
My favorites are OPI:Tickle My Francey & Black cherry Chutney
Essie: ladylike & wicked
I like super dark polish and I like nudes…not much in the middle;)

2. Instead of using pressed powders and compacts, or using thick liquid foundations I love to use a tinted moisturizer. I used to swear by Smashbox, but now a wife and mother….I am always looking to save a little $$ anywhere I can. When I found this…..I was over the moon!!!! Love it, has SPF 15 and feels like you aren’t wearing any makeup….double thumbs up!!!!
QUICK TIP: do not use a sponge or your hand to apply your face make-up…..use a foundation brush!!! I have had mine for about 13 years and I use it every time I apply makeup…you actually use less foundation when you use the brush. Keep it clean and it will last forever. Also, best thing to clean your brushes with… shampoo….learned wonderful tricks frequenting the makeup counter in high school:)

3. My single serving blender. I have this exact one and I use it just about everyday. Would love to have a Vitamix, but would hate to clean that huge thing every morning. This is super quick and easy.

4. Apple TV! My new favorite thing. We seriously purchased it early last summer and I just figured out how to use it;) I am now forgoing DVD’s and purchasing movies on iTunes……genius!!!! SO we can take them with us anywhere we go and do not have to lug around DVD’s and cases….just have them on our iCloud and can watch as we please….also can rent movies and shows just like on demand…wonderful and not as pricey as I thought it would be….I am a creature of habit and my husband tries to get me to try new things…What can I say…I like what I like, but this was a no brainer;)

5. A cooling memory foam pillow. This might sound crazy but it is WONDERFUL!!!!! I am a very warm sleeper. Like sleep with just a sheet year round, my poor husband looks like an Eskimo during the winter all cozy under sheets, blankets and the comforter on. Then there is me, legs out sheet on then off because my temperature is rising….this damn pillow allows me to stay under the sheets all night…I love it!!!!…this isn’t the exact one I have but its the same idea

6. Uggs. Some people hate them, some LOVE them. I have had Uggs since high school and will never stop wearing them. They are cozy and warm. I wear them with jeans, leggings, pj’s….best thing is…they last forever. I clean them with a wet wash cloth and they are like new. I have two pairs and want a few more…I have had one pair for about 6 years and the other about two years…need to add a few more:)

7. AVEDA Smoothing fluid. No matter what shampoo I use, this makes my hair feel amazing, takes away tangles and helps with fly aways without leaving my hair greasy. I use it after every wash and I have long hair and only use two pumps, rub my hands together and run it through my hair from pony tail area down to tips. Do not rub onto scalp(will get the dirty greasy look)

8. A good crock pot. I remember my mom using a crock pot here and there and always thinking, I will never need one of those. Well, its a life saver and I use it all the time!!!!Its so wonderful to throw a few things in, in the morning and not have to worry or stress about dinner the entire day. With kids in sports and crazy schedules, coming home to a wonderful smelling house and a hot, home cooked ready meal is life changing when you have had a hectic day. I actually use mine at least once a week. During football season, it’s about 3x a week.

9. A good bra. It’s such a good investment. Go to a proper store and get measured, by women who know what they are doing. I was measured last year and found out that I have been wearing the wrong bra size for years. Now having the correct size and having the knowledge of what a bra is “supposed” to feel like and “look”, I know my size and can shop at other places with this new-found knowledge. A correct fitting bra will change your posture, make you look like you have lost a few lbs. and raise your confidence. Go! Spend a little more $$$! YOU…..ARE….WORTH….IT!!!!!

10. Great workout pants. My body has recently, for the first time in almost 10 years, allowed me to workout. Regularly! Its a miracle! So taking Spin and yoga classes, I needed something that would be practical and comfortable. I have these pants….Love them. Bought a few more just like them.

Hope I shared some helpful things. I know I love everything here:)
I had a wonderful Birthday and am really enjoying being 32!


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