Pre-tween attitude…….Shitballs already?!?!?!?!?!?

Holy moly, been a crazy, busy two weeks….finally sitting down, relaxing for a minute on the computer…feels good….so much to talk about…here goes…..

Our wonderful, amazing Type 1 Diabetic 9 1/2 year old has begun the “attitude”. WTF??? I thought we still had a few years before this crap started?!?!?!?

Since birth, Hunter has been the best kid!!! He is such an old soul. We were only 22 when we had him and the first of all of our friends to have a baby. We knew early on what kind of parents we did and did not want to be….by observing others and their children, the good and not so good examples set by our parents and family, and just what we wanted out of parenthood and wanted for our children. Crazy, misbehaving kids were just not an option. We were not going to be “those people” who others cringed about when they heard we were commin over;) So from birth, Hunter had a strict schedule and routine that rarely changed unless we were at Disneyland or something. He got the best and worse of us both all squished into a tiny human. Rarely have we ever had many real behavior issues with him except of course for his mouth (got that from his mother). Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves and word just shoot out. Have to have the last word and are always right…..we are a great combination;) So he has always had a sarcastic/stubbornness but now we also have the, “I’m almost 10 and am too cool and smart to listen to my parents.”….and the laziness….Oh hell no!

So what do we do?

I remember getting this attitude. Thinking that everything my parents said was “old and ridiculous”…..I remember getting into trouble….for my mouth of course (it was always my mouth). We do not expect perfection from our children, we expect them to try hard and do their best. We also expect them to be polite and kind. Even to the jerks out there. We have all encountered them….and if you have nothing nice to say, you really can’t think of anything….keep your trap shut…..(something I am working very hard on).

So circling back to our 9year old with a lazy attitude…….his patience and tolerance are both dwindling, his room is turning into a disaster, he has a listening problem, then when he does listen the attitude responds. This happens like 50% of the time;) its peachy and I know is only going to get more fun with two more behind him. So what do we do???….we know there are hormones and growing and questions but still, I don’t think it needs to be so frequent…does it?!?!?!?!? So we have made some adjustments to Hunters privileges, cut way back on electronics and pushed up his bedtime a little bit…(he has been complaining he is super tired;)) So lets hope these little adjustments will help a little. I know this might be somewhat normal behavior for kids his age but just because most kids at this age are butt heads doesn’t mean mine needs to be. (well as often;))

At least he still makes me laugh;) Last week after he had a nasty attitude about something ridiculous he quickly apologized and said:”Man mom, think that was just these hormones talking!”…..Me:yeah, great save dude….you are still picking up dog poop and unloading the dishwasher:)

Our handsome boy, right before his first baseball game:)….please excuse the pink teeth;)…Gatorade!



Boy, you are probably going to despise me one day….stop holding my hand and kissing me when I drop you off at school(I really hope not)….but there is nothing you can say or do that will ever allow me to stop acting like your mother. When you are 35 years old I will probably still wipe your face and hold your hand. I know this little tude is just a taste of whats to come but I love you……and I will never stop showing you how much. You, my big boy made me a mommy and showed me how enormous my heart could get. You taught me strength I never knew I was capable of. You are Amazing and one of my best teachers. Even though you now have siblings, who I love and adore just as you….you are the only person in the world that I can ever say, felt your heart before we ever met. Love you my Booger Butt!!!!!


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