Random Shit our kids say;)

So, you know when you child or children come up with something from left field? Like they have been in deep thought and pondering something for a while and ALL OF A SUDDEN, its like a lightbulb went on and now they know exactly what, why or how something happened or works???? Well this afternoon after baseball practice was one of those moments.

Let me paint a picture for you:) Hunter, our nine year old is his mothers child. Is a spitting image of his father(looks wise, seriously a mini me), but his innards, attitude, sarcasm, heart, emotions, feelings…allllllll me. We tend to blurt things out of left field. We think about something and out of nowhere we have to share our randomness;) So, after his baseball practice a random song came on the radio and there went Hunter….You know its a gonna be a good one when it begins with:”Mom, I just figured something out!!!!!”…..It was a 90’s rap song(love me some 90’s on 9) and I was singing my brains out….He said, “I know how rappers sing so fast!”…..how bud?……”They practice being those people, you know who talk really fast at like auctions”………Auctioners?…….”Yeah! Can’t believe I figured that one out!”…….Wow! Me either, that was a good one!!!

I LOVE hearing the random crap that comes out of kids mouths! It brings me pure joy and entertainment! They think so hard and try desperately to understand things. When they crack the code(or think they do)….the look on their face and the sound of brilliance in their voice is perfection. Added bonus, makes you laugh:) Two more kids to go…..Let the funny continue:)

Next is Asher. He is 3 and hilarious. His latest “funny”, is that he thinks he is Chinese. Seriously. You ask him his name and age(finally got that one down;)) and then we asked him what are you? Expecting, boy, big boy, Asher….Nope we got Chinese:) Since he LOVES Chinese food, I guess in Ashers world, your are what you like to eat.

Miss Sawyer has recently informed us that she is terrified of old ladies. According to her, they are old and bumpy (wrinkly) and walk hunched over really slowly.(now envision a four year old, walking slowly, hunched over as she is telling this story). She said they scare her because of their white hair and she is afraid they will………. ( I blame Disney Princess movies for my childs elderly woman phobia)……..she proceeds to tell me that she can never be a grandma because she does not want to turn to dust. Which took this conversation into a whole different direction, that I was far from prepared for to have at that moment. But I can’t have our 4 year old gasping at the site of her Great Grandmother asking her if she is going to fall out of a castle and turn to dust(Thank you Tangled).

Hope this brought a smile to your face. It daily does to mine:)


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