Mute man to Jabberbox!!!

So last I talked about Miss Sawyer, our middle child/only girl/one of two we adopted. Today I want to talk about Mr. Asher…..aka Crazy man/handsome boy/Frank the Tank;)

Like I said before, we just finalized the Adoption on two children from the Foster system. With our biological 9 year old we are now the proud parents of 3!!!

When the children were placed with us 2 years ago. We spent hours and hours in Foster/Adoption classes prepairing ourselves and learning about so much. They taught us worse case scenarios, best case scenarios and everything in between. When we received placement of the children, there was nothing that could have prepared us for the realities, aftermath and the lifelong baggage that comes along with children who have witnessed and experienced terrible horrific things. We thought getting younger children would alleviate most of this, but that is nowhere near the case. Even with all of the training and classes and horror stories we had heard…we were not very scared until we had the children in our home. Being prepared was a distant memory. We were in survival mode.

Circling back to Asher:) When he first got here he was very swollen, sick, showed no emotion, no facial expressions, did not cry or smile for months and had really only eaten fast food and milk. After getting his illness under control, the swelling went down, realized he was allergic to milk and nuts. Once those two were cut out his all around health improved drastically. After a few months he began to smile and cry. Never thought we would be excited for a child to cry, but it meant he felt safe and could express emotion. We slowly introduced him and Sawyer to new foods(meaning fruits and vegetables & normal foods we ate every day). We also had to teach Sawyer how to eat. She was never shown how to chew food. Not sure if she was only given baby food or tons of liquids. She would just hoof everything down, only chewing with her front teeth, nothing would get chewed properly and she would choke and gag on everything. Asher, now eating everything in sight has come so far. He had tubes put in his ears last year and that took away his monthly ear infections. Also, in May, he began to talk. We were waiting so anxiously for this kid to speak, now that he won’t stop talking, singing, asking questions…..its hilarious!!!! He is now a happy, crazy, rambunctious three year old. He is a little turd, wants to be in charge of everything, picks on his siblings, loves shaking his booty, tries to tell jokes, loves playing outside, cracks himself up… know, your average three year old boy. It is truly amazing what a transformation all of our children have undergone these last two years. I think there has been more change in our lives in the past two years, then there has been in the past 10 years since we have been married.

………………………………………………………..bad things had to happen so WONDERFUL things could fall into place.

…just hang in out with his BFF….Miss Lila<3


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