Adoption has widened horizons and vocabulary!!!!!!


Miss Soy Sauce, “Sawyer” has come so far in 2 short years. It is really amazing just what a safe, healthy, loving environment really does for children.

Hunter(our 9 year old), has always had high, sometimes crazy dreams for his future. He has wanted to be everything from a Paleontologist, to a bus driver, to a Spy, to a Doctor, to chef…….he currently wants to be a professional football/baseball player. He wants to attend college and have a fun job. Since birth we have encouraged, set goals, hopes, dreams and aspirations for his future…. We have always told him, “the sky is the limit”…If you really want to do something…we are behind you 100%. You can accomplish ANYTHING!!!! Isn’t this how all parents talk to and encourage their children? Sadly, its not. Especially kids in the Foster system. This might be obvious but Sawyer did not even know what the word College meant. She had never even heard the word. Forget about school really in general. She wanted to be a worker. No clue what it meant. No idea people needed to attend school. Didn’t have a dream job like most little girls. A ballerina, teacher, princess, work at the Zoo, work at and ice cream shop(no clue she could dream, for herself)……….

So today was wonderful!!!! Showed me that we are doing a great job. We have taught her, to believe in herself and her abilities and imagination. I walked into her room and she was sitting on her bed with books open everywhere, her Leap pad on and ready….I asked her what she was doing? Why wasn’t she playing with her dolls and toys?…….”Mom, I’m studying for kindergarten so I can go to College”…….”I have to study really hard to be a Princess-Teacher!”…………I think I just cried a little! She has dreams. Hopes. Its amazing.

Oh Happy Day!!!!!!!



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