Holy Hell its Monday and I feel…………….


…seriously how can you not smile and start shaken your ass when you hear this song?!?!?!???!?!?

Kids and I sang and danced to it in the car this morning on the way to the gym….then, it played in my spin class and all of us were loud and dancing on our bikes!!!!

What song makes you HAPPY??????

:How awesome is this?????
http://www.healthline.com/health-blogs/healthline-connects/music-and-brain#1 http://www.healthline.com/health-news/mental-listening-to-music-lifts-or-reinforces-mood-051713

If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed, or just in a crap ass mood…why not try to fix it? Instead of ruining your day, kids day, spouses day! Don’t get me wrong, everyone deserves a bitchy day, a venting grouchy day…I have them, we all do. But I am talking about those days you wake up and aren’t really sure exactly why you are in a funk. The little things that you normally shake off are pushing every button and the whining of children you have learned to ignore now sounds like nails on a chalk board…..Do you know what I am talking about?????

Lets sing and dance it out!!!! I make a complete fool out of myself in the car….All…..THE…..TIME…. Been doing it my whole life. In my car, I am the biggest of rock stars. In my car, there is NO shame. There is NO one to criticize my voice or mad dance skills. I am in the zone….My husband freaks when he gets in my car and every time the music is blaring;) The kids LOVE IT!!!! They know the words to every chorus of every POP song from the 80’s till now!!!……and we sing and dance out brains out….how could that not raise your mood??????
Its hilarious to hear Sawyer sing everything from Snoop to Katy Perry to the Tangled soundtrack….yes we listen to everything:)

What are some of the songs throughout your life that just make you smile and feel better? Not just current songs, or songs you like on the radio……..What are the songs from different eras, genres, decades that you LOVE????? Those should be on your iPod! These are some of mine…Instantly slap a freakin smile on my face!!!

Best song, great movie!!!

Dirty love song;)

Not really sure why I LOVE this song so much!!!!!..just dooooooooo:)

the Hubs and I saw her in concert a few years ago…..AMAZING!!!

Ok, so think…..remember your favorite songs…..Songs that make you feel wonderful. Songs that lift your mood. Songs that make you happy!!! I always have music on. While I am on the computer(right now), goober loud in the car, while I am cooking, exercising, cleaning…..It just makes me feel good….Hey, I even found some research to prove it!!!!

Happy wonderful Monday!!!!!


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