Damn Adoption, confusing the whole Storks thing.

So Sawyer, now 4 is Adopted and her plan for having children is nothing short of adorable and sweet….kind of hilarious!

We have 3 children. Hunter is 9 and biological, grew him in my belly. Asher and Sawyer are Adopted from the Foster system. Their Adoption was just finalized a few months ago and we have had them for about 2 years. They are now 3 and 4. Sawyer is the picture of a middle child with brothers. She loves to dress up and put on her jewelry and heels. She also loves to play in the mud and can play cars or legos with the best of them. She also has her own Nerf Guns with a stash of pink bullets….the cross bow is next;) Anyhoo she is smack dab I’m the middle of crazy boys….She is a crazy girl!!….and the things and questions that come out of her mouth are freakin hilarious!!!!

A few months ago she was playing with her babies and her little brother. She was going to “work”(dress and heels on, carrying her”beefcase” and cell phone), Asher was supposed to stay “home” and babysit:)….I love it!!!! I was listening and all of sudden she ran to me freakin out!!!! What the heck girl! She was freaking out about having a baby…(why is my four year old freaking out about this???). She has been asking tons of questions about how she grew in someone else’s belly, but we are her mommy and daddy and how Hunter grew in my belly and they are brother and sister)….All kinds of questions….This summer she saw my large Hysterectomy scare on my belly and said “OOOOoooh no, thats what babies do to your belly….Oh no, I can’t have babies in there!!!”(not wanting to have a birds and bees talk with my 4 year old, I said yep…thats what happens)…So she has her own plan now….We have been discussing a ton about school and college and a career,her daddy has been trying to talk to her about not dating until she is 40 and that all boys are gross and stinky….He is trying REALLY HARD;)
So here is Sawyers “PLAN”….”Ok, this is what I’m going to do Mom”


Sawyers Plan:

Go to college and get a fun job
-she really wants to work at the Zoo but won’t pick up poop
– wants to be a dancer(ballet or hip hop)
Buy a house with her Hunny(close to ours so she can cook dinner for her daddy)
Get married to her Hunny(husband)
and last but not least…..have some ladies drive on the fwy and bring kids to her, so they don’t have to come out of her belly;)……Thats how she got here. Driven on the FWY, by Social Workers.

So cute and innocent. At first, I thought it was kind of sad. But then I thought, this is a happy thing. This is how our family got here. Part of her story. So we need to embrace this and encourage her. If she is having a wonderful Adoption experience…She should adopt children:) This Adoption thing is putting a new spin on our parenting….Things we wouldn’t even think about are coming up and being asked. Its a learning experience. A fun one. We love it!!!!!


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