Heals to the gym????……..Why not!!!

So today we were getting ready to go to the gym, mama had a Yoga class…and Sawyer walked into my bathroom and said “I’m ready to go mom”. I gave her the once over and noticed her choice of footwear. Princess heals!!! I warned her that she would probably be in pain later, but she insisted.

Here she is in all her glory!! Ready to go play at the gym:)


She got out of the car and you could hear her, clack, clack of the heals walking behind Asher and I;) Then when we walked in the sitters asked her why she was so dressed up?? She said, its Wednesday! She walked into that room like she owned the joint. Walking tall in her tutu/sweats combination, my old purse….She was hot stuff today!!!!

After my class, I grabbed the kids and little miss was having a rough time….She was hunched over, walking pigeoned toed, bent knees and complaining about her feet (we have all been there)……I asked her if she wanted to just walk in her socks to the car and hold her shoes…Her response,”Mom, I can’t take off my high heels”.

She took a while getting to the car….Once she got her seat belt on she kicked her shoes off and said,”Mom, I think these shoes need to stay at home”….Great idea Soy Sauce;)


No matter how old you are. A Pretty pair of shoes sure do the trick!
I’m happy I have someone to share my shoe obsession with:)


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