Weekends of sleeping in have gone back down the crapper;)

1083747_10201859838164377_1980996179_oHaving a child play sports and watching them improve and learn and get better every practice is AAAaamazing. Seeing the smiles on their faces when they have a great tackle, catch their first pop fly or finally nail that dance routine is nothing short of amazing. They make wonderful friends, get a wonderful sense of camaraderie and learn the importance of team work. Some other great things team sports teach our children is that hard work and dedication really pay off. All of these out weigh the other but, lets face it…..for us parents…..team sports are rough!…..Wonderful, but rough.

The first few practices and first game are great..everyone is still excited. Then comes the whining(from kids and parents);), and the “but I’m so tired”, and the “but I just went yesterday”….I am going to say that I am very glad we started Hunter out in Football, because the schedule and physical demands are soooooooo demanding: Hell week(actually Hell month) is 5 nights a week practice. Then once games begin it moves to 3 nights a week practice and games on Saturday….This goes July-Nov….-Dec. if you make it to playoffs(we did last year and also went to the Super Bowl!!!)

This schedule is freakin nuts and we haven’t even started with the younger two yet….Sawyer will begin cheering for her brother this year so we will have two on the field this year:) It takes all of your time up…our relaxing dinner/bed/bath routine turns into a race….race home around 8:30 throw kids in the tub while Hunter is showering, get pj’s on, shovel down dinner and hope to have three kids in bed by 9:30….then do it all over again the next night……Now is baseball season. The schedule is a little easier, but still super busy. With the Hubs on the board for football we also now have football sign ups every other Saturday morning, same day as Baseball games….holy moly….

So, circling back….;) having your kids in team sports is a wonderful experience. They learn so much and it does so much for their character…..However it takes a toll…for the first few weeks after football was over, we seriously hibernated for like a month. We needed a break! We feel kind of bad when we are invited out with friends and we don’t want to go. Not because we are anti-social….because we want to be in our house, relaxing. Now I bitch and moan about the schedule and the whining and complaining….me whining and complaining as well. But the truth of the matter is, I think I love it just as much it drives me bonkers. This is for our kids and as long as they are having fun, we are going to make the most of it. Our lives revolve around the sport season we are in…….

The only places we see besides the field and our bed are fast food drive throughs and sporting goods stores….we get kids dressed in the dark and they fall back asleep in the car in route to an early game…we pack coolers and snacks for long drives and days….we permanently have chairs and blankets in the back of our cars….we have a “football bag” now a “baseball bag” with kids toys, books, wipes,sweatshirts, sunblock and snacks for games and practices on the sidelines.

We calculated it out and with Asher only 3. We will be doing this for the next 15 years (that isn’t counting college yet).

It is a pain in the ASS, but we LOVE it!!!!



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