Love this!!!

Found this a few years ago and first thought Holy Crap!!! Is that what our day looks like?…..Yep, pretty much in a nut shell!!!!

Great video! Please watch!!! Please donate for Diabetic research….A cure would be so wonderful! But for now we power through and keep out little diabetic healthy!

This Mama did a wonderful job of showing a typical day in a Diabetics life….Super cute!

Don’t forget to let your little Diabetics be normal kids…If a little more work for us parents=more fun and normalcy for out Type Oners…think we can do it!!!!!!

Don’t forget to also sign up for Diabetes Camps in your area….For the summer, sign ups should be pretty soon….We have already reserved our Camp Site for Camp….sold out extra early this year:( we couldn’t even reserve an extra spot for friends to join us…Oh well just us and the dogs this summer;)

Enjoy the YOUTUBE video, please share if anyone happens to find any other good videos as well. I will share later, all of the videos we have used for Hunters annual beginning of school Diabetes presentation to his class.

Happy Thursday!


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