Thought I had my shit together until………….

So this weekend, spending time with my blonde(one of my very best, most wonderful longtime friends) she said she had a great idea for a blog/radio show!!!! Titled: “I thought I had my shit together until….”

(oh how I love randomly remembering wonderfully AMAZING quotes from random movies;))

As she shared her terrible, horrible day from that week….I felt her frustration and impatience with herself…(all of us mommies experience this, too often) But also listening made me laugh, because she was not alone…….I wasn’t laughing at her crap filled day….I was laughing at the fact that everyone has crap filled days like this!!! Love you friend!!!

So lets get back to this:”I thought I had my shit together until…..”

You know what I’m talking about. Its when you are having a great week or even multiple weeks…….where your days are organized and your time is used more efficiently. On these days: laundry is done, meals are prepared, you somehow squeeze in the gym and a shower, run errands, kids are all healthy and happy……you seem to be getting EVERYTHING done you need to be. Then, shit hits the fan! Someone starts barfing, car breaks down, you forget a kid at school(all things I have done or have happened to me on more than one occassion)…these things seem to throw your whole schedule and “confidence” off completely. While this crap is going on, laundry builds, you are not only now cleaning up just the regular mess but also vomit, going to the gym….who has time for that…and take out for dinner is WAY easier…..

Is this some sort of joke to keep us in check?

Why does it seem to take so long to catch back up and get into a good routine after shit hits the fan???

…No seriously, if anyone has the answers to these questions please let me know!!!

Those few days or weeks we kind of walk around like…”shit look at me”…”mom of the year right here”….”laundry done, dinner planned and I managed makeup this morning”, “kids are behaving and healthy, couldn’t be happier.”

Want to hear my take on these days???

-gonna use my wonderfully found quote again….”EMBRACE THE SUCK!!!!!”

THESE CRAP FILLED DAYS WILL NOT DISAPPEAR…..They will get easier and less. Maybe not because they disappear, maybe because we learn how to better deal with them…..Shit happens….Sometimes its a pain in the ass and sometimes the shit brings roses;) Having children is so very unpredictable……we need to try a little harder to chill out….If crap is everywhere, kids are sick, you can’t leave the house….Its ok….we will overcome!!!!

lets look to Pinterest for some words of wisdom:


…dont forget…sometimes a phone call to a wonderful friend is the best therapy….Great friends are always there for ya….


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