Pink earrings and blood curdling screams!!!!!!!!

How old were you when you got your ears pierced?

At what age will you let your daughter pierce her ears?

Last week Sawyer began asking about getting her ears pierced…. Then I began thinking about when she should get her ears pierced….. I was taken to get mine done at 6 months old and rarely wear earrings. My pierced ears have never closed. She has been asking to where “real” earrings for a while now so we decided, if she really wanted to and realized it was a needle…..We would take her.

So all weekend, we asked her if she still wanted to get it done… was she sure she wasn’t going to kick and hit the person with the gun;) She said she was sure and this morning we ventured to the mall.

When we arrived she was a little nervous. Her conversation with the nice lady(with the piercing gun) went a little like this….Sawyer: Hi, is this gonna hurt real bad or REALLY BAD? Lady: Its going to pinch Sawyer: Ok, but does the pinch hurt real bad or REALLY BAD? Lady: Mom, think you better sit and put her on your lap! Sawyer: Oh dear, its gonna hurt REALY BAD HUH?!?!?!?!?

She screamed, but did not kick or hit anyone…….SUCCESS!!!!!! As soon as she was done we told her she had pretty pink earrings in and she got to look in the mirror…..within seconds, everything was right with the world and Miss Sawyer was back to her old self….Now her frequent mirror checks in admiration of her beauty are a little longer because she has now adds an ear shot and a longer pose;) this girl cracks….me….up…..

She even asked the nice piercer lady holding the mirror:”Don’t I look SO BEAUTIFUL???” the wonderful last replied with: Sooooo Beautiful!!!!!

Love her self esteem!!!! Here she is….SUPER EXCITED!!!!!


Happy Day!!!! Soy Sauce got her ears pierced!!!!


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