Good friends are hard to find…..

So everyone has different kinds of friends: peers, acquaintances, friends of friends, family friends, group friends, friends you see on a limited basis;), friends that have a time limit….then you have great friends. You know the ones I am talking about, the ones you can’t get enough of. The ones you can talk to on the phone for HOURS and never run out of things to say, even though you just talked with a few days before. The ones you can count on to tell you the truth. The ones who have listened to the same stories so many times they can now finish them. With the mention of one word, one song title, one name…they know the story, laughter and moment you are thinking about. The ones you can see every weekend or twice a year and it is still the same. Nothing has changed. You still have the same amount of fun, love and things to talk about. When its time to go, you think oh my goodness…they just got here…Then look at the clock and its been five hours. The ones who have seen you at your worst, best and craziest and love you the same… matter what.

We are so very lucky and fortunate to have a handful of these wonderful people scattered all over the Country….(well technically the world now). These people are our family and some actually are blood. These are people we have the most fun with, every time we are together. We absolutely love them!

Today we enjoyed a wonderful time with our Georgia cousins! The lived out here for a short time, but that was long enough to seal our friendship deal forever….Haven’t seen them in a few years and within minutes we were haven a ball, chattin, cozy on the sofa….It was like no time had passed….tomorrow we get to have a day with one of my favorite girls on earth and her boys…..her and I were friends before husbands and babies…then eight years ago when our husbands hit it off……we were destined to transition together from single girls, to married girls to mommies…..

Throughout a persons life, one has many friends that come and go. If you have a handful of the good ones that stick, I think you are pretty damn lucky.



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