Happy Valentines Day!!!!


I don’t know about you but I think Valentines Day should be a Day where Daddy’s show their daughters what they deserve in the future!!!

My Father was the forgetful, procrastinator……Christmas Eve shopping and more often then not forgot birthdays, Anniversary’s and Valentines Day…Good thing we had an account at the Florist I would normally call and place the order for my mother….My Papa….He remembered everything and always….especially on Valentines Day. Every year my mom and I found flowers and candy on the front porch from Papa Jiggs…..THIS IS WHAT OUR DAUGHTER IS GOING TO GROW UP WITH!

Last year was our first Valentines Day with our Sawyer and Preston(my husband and I talked about it) and we decided that “HE” was also going to get her a little something from him for Valentines Day every year. We want all three of our children to grow up willing and able to take care of themselves. So all they will seek in a mate is LOVE. None of our children (or at least we are trying to make sure) they do not grow up to be materialistic and high maintenance. We only want them to be care for, loved and know they deserve nothing but the best from others…This is also what people shall expect from them.

Every year I always make goody bags for the kids: some candy, a small toy and new flip flops or shoes….we love shoes;)

-This was last year after Daddy gave her a pink monkey

This December, Sawyer had her first Dance recital and sealed the deal with her obsession of flowers. So today Daddy bought her, her own pink Tulips(Tulips are my favorite and the only thing pink I like;))……She was freaking out!!!! They are already in a vase on her dresser.

I am not saying to spoil the females in your life (even though you should;)) I am saying teach them they deserve to be. I also get the boys gifts and my husband always get something too;) But lets face it, this is a girls Holiday…And we want our girl to know how boys/future men should treat the females in their life!!! This also teaches our boys that they not only deserve something from their significant other, they give too. In our home, its about the thought that goes into it, not the cash. Use your heart and less of your wallet.

-Sawyers card and flowers from her Daddy today!!!! I think she has hugged him and said thank you like 50 times already!!!!! Its just amazing how much something so small can really makes someones heart so happy!!!1 I LOVE IT!!!!


Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

Thank you Muffin Pie (my hubs) for being such a wonderful MAN, husband and father!!! You are an ASS sometimes(I know I’m not all roses and sunshine myself) But you are wonderful and I love you so much!!!!


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