Totally worth the mess!!!!


Do you remember being a kid and building forts in the living room?
Do you remember mud pies in the backyard?

I do!!!! And I do not understand why its not happening as much anymore? Kids should get dirty and make messes….Its FUN!!!!!!
Don’t get me wrong, its more clean up for mom but, hearing the laughter and giggles is totally worth it!!!!!

This was a huge box, that delivered something for the house….It was too big to just throw away….we had to find something fun to do with it…..So they played in it!!! We kept it for about a month and the kids sat in it and watched movies, Sawyer took her Barbies swimming in it, Asher hid toys in it, Hunter lounged and read books:)


They had a BALL!!!! With this came rules….Even though this was SOOOO much fun, If I didn’t set some hard rules, I would still be picking this popcorn crap out of my carpet.

play your heart out, just pick up.
If I find any of this popcorn stuff out of the box, it all goes in the trash.

They did pretty good. It was obviously EVERYWHERE while they played in it, but when they were done all three were on their hands and knees picking up every last piece.

I see a lot of parents who don’t want their kids to get dirty, don’t want make a big mess, or play in the dirt. More then half of the time I agree. I do yell outdid,”don’t get into the dirt”, quite a bit. I also think sometimes we need to take a chill pill and let them play. Throw on some swimsuits and give them beach toys and let them go bananas. I’m not saying I let my kids roll in the mud(well not that often;)). I guess I want to know what the big deal is and what people are so afraid of??? Its dirt!

I LOVE THIS!!!!! Making memories & Laundry!



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