BITCH PLEASE……………you are not alone!!!



I really wish this was on a loop somewhere where all of us parents could call in when we feel:
like a bad parent
like we can’t get anything right
under appreciated
ect……I could go on for days…..

I need some kind of recording reassuring me that I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE who feels and thinks this!!! Every parent out there feels and thinks this! How could we not?!?!?!?

I want a number I can call that with seriously say,”Bitch Please! If you think you are alone your CRAZY!!!”

Some parents, I think just hide it very well! I want a recording telling me a terribly hilarious story of another parent having a bad day to make mine seem rediculous. How nice would that be…..To laugh at our own expense….to take a guilt break for a minute…..

I know this might sound terrible but last year….I was having a TERRIBLE DAY!!!!A meeting that went way too long…..Rough day with the kids…..Just one of those(to quote one of my favorite books as a child) “Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day”…..and I was late picking up Hunter from school….and not like 5 minutes…like 25 minutes. I don’t know about any other schools but at Hunters school when your late, your kids are waiting in the office. Why did I feel so bad, accidents happen?!?!?!
Because I am NEVER late picking the kids up!!!! EVER!!!! I am out there 5-15 minutes early every day in the same spot. I was the kid with the late parents….Not a wonderful feeling…..but it happens and I don’t want the same for my kids…..

Circling back;)(“SQUIRREL”)
So I was late picking Hunter up and I……FELT…..TERRIBLE…..
I felt like a bad mom.
So when later that week a fellow mom posted on FaceBook that she had forgotten it was early out and she was late getting her kids….I was laughing in excitement!!!!
Not happy at her now guilt and frustration or at her children’s tears…It was SOOOOO nice that it happened to someone else too.

I WAS NOT ALONE!!!!…….and that was refreshing

So the next time you are feeling alone and having a pitty party for one…..feeling like you are the only parent in the world who is making mistakes…….please say to yourself

…..Bitch Please. You are in good company, of imperfect, mistake making, wonderful crazy parents….Just like yourself.

p.s. we are not traumatizing our children….we are mearly adding CHARACTER;)


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