Hair & Make-up……..WOW Mom!!!!!!!!!

Yes, my days of cute outfits, hair and makeup are over. That is saved for “Special occasions”;)

I now live in yoga pants and cozy shirts… know those outfits that can take you seamlessly from home, to the gym, to Target, to school pickups, then whatever sporting practice is going on that night. Cozy and realistic, is my new style;) Sometimes I get really crazy and mix it up with some leggings and Uggs……what can I say, I know how to spice my shit up;)

Though I daily see those moms who just seem to have it all balanced, make-up and hair included… are my idols!!!!!

I like to think I wear my mommy badge proudly and apparently, “literally” wear it too;)

Are yoga pants the new and improved version of Our Mothers high waisted, pleated mom jeans????

…..quite possibly.

I turn again to my friend Pinterest for inspiration:

….Thank you, you never disappoint!!!!!

Do you enjoy your cozy outfits??? I really enjoy mine!!! I even have a disclaimer for friends coming over for dinner…..I will be in cozy clothes, please do not dress up for me, come over ready to relax and have a drink and some good food.

Its really entertaining when, my husband gets home and I was out running errands all day and he gives me a double take,”someone have a date today?”…….”Nope, just felt like looking fancy”;)

Happy Thursday!!!!


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