Boogers and Bead head part 1

Never in my life did I ever think, I would ever have such great knowledge of boogers and bead head!! How to fix them, deal with them and get rid of them;)

My mornings and post nap time, especially now with cold season in full effect……..consist of saline sprays, booger suckers, tissues, combs, brushes, spray bottles, rubber bands and bows.

Today I won’t even touch on the little ones or “girls hair”, I want to express my love hate relationship with a child deciding to grow their hair out!!!!

Hunter, our 9 year old has decided to grow out his hair. Which is all fine and dandy, but what is our end goal here?
My questions:
How long?
What look are we join for?
Do you realize more hair=more shampoo?

Great questions, he doesn’t know!!!!!! This is one of the main topics of conversation in our house right now…….HUNTERS HAIR! My sassy, sarcastic child…his response to aaaallllll of our questions…..”I will just know when its right mom” ………seriously!?!??!?!?!?!

So every morning, it is my job to turn this:

into this:

Look at that handsome face!!!

Now, this drives me bonkers and our mornings would go SO much smoother if his head was shaved(it takes me less time to do his sisters hair;)) But, we are letting him find his own style and be his own person. If this means a little inconvenience for me but a happy kid……Its ok.

The hilariousness of his Farrah Fawcet head shake to get his point across helps his cause too;)

……more on boogers and bead head tomorrow;)


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