Mama can’t cash in her sick days……

Happy Tuesday….or should I say crappy, snotty Tuesday!!!!!

So a nasty cold is goin around and of course after one of the children get anything, I get it every time:( (I just love sharing so much;))

Wouldn’t it be nice if parents got sick time and vacation time????? Where someone came in and cleaned your house, took care of the children and cooked. All the while we were sleeping and recovering????…Sign me up for those benefits!!!!! We have 3 kids and just got a new puppy so now we have 2 dogs…I woke up feeling like my head was going to explode. I look like I have been hit by a train;) In my husbands sweats, hair is all over and I have snot leaking from my nose….I am quite the hot mess!!! And what am I doing today, laundry, cooking, playing, picking up puppy poo…..same shit different day….I LOVE IT……But wish, mommy could call in a sick day/replacement to rest a little……think back…..

Remember those pre baby days when we were working and a sick day meant sofa, pj’s and tv alone alllllllll day!?!?!?!??!? Sometimes a parent really needs those quiet uninterrupted days to recover.

…Well, what a nice thought!!!!….. But I know , not really going to happen;) So lets figure this out….lets wear out the kids and dogs so after lunch ALL OF US CAN SLEEP a little!!!!…..Oh that would be soooo nice! I’m going to go ahead and put that positivity out and hope to get some rest…..

Ok, thank you for allowing me to vent….pitty party over. Time to clean up and do another load of laundry…….


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