What the hell happened to my NICE………CLEAN……..HOUSE…..???????

Life………thats what happened!!!!!!!

Yesterday talking with a mommy friend, we were discussing the fact that our laundry is never done and our homes are rarely spotless.

How do some moms keep their homes super clean?

What is their secret?

What am I doing wrong?

Why am I getting angry with myself about this?

Here is what I think: This is a perfect opportunity to “Embrace Reality” (yesterday my friend said yesterday she has finally accepted it). She is brilliant. We all should follow suite. We are each only one person. We are good parents and spouses. Why are expecting ourselves to be great at everything?? Now, I really do not know anyone whose house is disgusting or filthy. I am talking about messy. What happens when children, life, pets, schedules, school, errands and playdates cross paths. Its life. Its the truth and we SHOULD embrace it. Its kind of amazing.

I am going to be completely honest. I get really frustrated with myself. Being a stay at home mom is a luxury that I know, I am very lucky to have. Staying home isn’t for some(sometimes I think it isn’t for me;)), but for us it works. With my medical issues and having a Diabetic child and 2 toddlers….for our family…it just makes sense. Everyone has their own reasons why it does or doesn’t work for them. My job is to take care our my family and my home. So when one is slacken, I get mad at myself. Especially when I bust my butt cleaning the house and in the blink of an eye it looks like a team of crazy, dirty, sticky animals ran through it!! Or when I completely forget about the laundry and have to re-wash or re-dry something….yeah, that happens a lot. I am a little OCD with certain things and I really, truly sleep better when my house is clean and organized. Would be really nice if that happened a little more frequently;) So why can’t I embrace and accept that my house will not look amazing again until the kids are all in college???? But your a stay at home mom, so what do you do all day????? Well with more time = more things to squeeze into that time….errands, gym, Dr’s appts., playdates, adventures, friends, groceries, park and more time to play…..

This is going to be my new Mommy Pep talk to stop beating myself up:

“If today my family is happy, fed, loved and everyone is wearing clean underwear, I did a good job.”

We parents need to be more supportive of one another. Especially Mommy to Mommy. Heck we need to be more supportive and accepting of ourselves. Later on our children are not going to remember a messy house or full hampers. They are going to remember being loved by good parents. Whether we stay home or work. We are all just trying to do our best and be the best parents. So lets try to stop sweating the small stuff. I sure need to.

If at the end of the day the one thing we are stressing about is a messy house and laundry to be done, then I think we are doing a pretty damn good job!

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4 thoughts on “What the hell happened to my NICE………CLEAN……..HOUSE…..???????

  1. Love this post!!! Amen sista!!! I’m a brand new mommy and also have the privilege of staying home and I definitely am constantly questioning my abilities. Taking care of a three-month-old is incredibly amazing, scary and overwhelming all at the same time. Keep sharing your perspective on your blog! It’s fabulous!!!

  2. I love the Ray Romano quote! Listen up sister, I’m 56, married and currently experiencing the “empty nest” – and I am blissfully living the “frat house” life! I hire a maid twice a year to do the deep down stuff and pick up the front room before company. Life never felt so good!!!

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