Self esteem??????……No problem here.

So I wish I could steal some of this girls self esteem!!!! All I hear coming out of her mouth is, “mom, I am so gorgeous! Dont I look BEAUTIFUL!” And the even better part is she dishes out the compliments to others just as much as herself…….I LOVE IT!!!!!

-we had a little too much fun “princessin it up”

I never knew, I always wanted to have a daughter. I was terrified!

What if I did it wrong!?!?!?

What if I am not good at being a mom to a little girl?

I know the Mother/DAughter relationship can be very trying and rough! I want a different kind of relationship!

I am really trying to make this relationship our own.

What I already know as a Mother:

I want to be a good parent now so I can be a friend later.(when they are adults, not teenagers)
I do not want to raise perfect kids. I want to raise happy kids.
Self esteem is a must. I will try to never kill it, only build it. I would rather have kids full of themselves then ashamed of themselves.
You get what you give(applies to all aspects of life)
There are consequences to EVERY action. Make sure its worth it.
Making mistakes is part of life. Thats how we learn. Just try not to repeat the same ones.
Be nice. Sometimes saying nothing is more powerful then all the words in the world.(I just got this one, took me a while)

All of these are not only things WE(my husband and I) want to instill in our children but things we also need to practice daily ourselves.

So, circling back. Parenting a girl is very different from parenting a boy. I am very new at this whole mommy/daughter thing, but I will tell you something…I’m having fun! A lot of biting my tongue and asking her to also bite hers;) which doesn’t work so well with a 4 year old;) But all in all, it keeps me in check…choosing my words and actions a little more carefully. I have a little mini me watching my every move. I have always had eyes on me with Hunter but its different with Miss Sawyer. If that makes sense?

We are going to try our very best to raise the best kids we can. I know they will do stupid shit. Make ridiculous judgment calls. But on the flip side they will also impress the crap out of(it happens daily), teach us and make us feel like freakin amazing, capable parents. As long as the good outweighs the bad……..think we are heading for a touchdown!!!!!!!

Here are our children….full of themselves…..I LOVE IT!!!!!!!


-Sawyer told Hunter,”would you like to play with my LeapPad? Great, I really need someone to take some new pictures of me!”


Asher-“I sooo tool(cool)!”


Hunter-“I’m smart and athletic,WOW, I’m pretty awesome!”


There are going to be enough things, situations and people in their lives tearing them down……so its our job to do the opposite!


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