Are You Dying???????

Being a parent we need to sometimes STOP and remember what it was like to be a kid. I often find myself getting frustrated and sometimes snippy at the little, random moments that might be less exciting for me at that moment and embrace the “crazy excitement” wrapped up in “a wonderful little human moment”.

For example today in the car, I hear screaming(mind you I’m driving). Now I have had to set a car rule: there is to be NO screaming or yelling STOP while mommy or daddy are driving. NOT SAFE. Unless you are dying or going to barf on your brother or sister, there is NO reason to scream in the car. Well, little Miss was screaming today.

My response:Are you dying or ready to barf?????

Little Miss(4 year old): No mom, look!


This girl has been trying to perfect “Owl Eyes”(thats what we call them), for the better part of a year and today, in the car, she finally got it. So instead of yelling at her for yelling in the car. I took a breath and told her to give me a minute so I could take a picture at her “AWESOMENESS”. Once we hit a stop sign, I snapped a picture to send to Daddy:)

You see, we now have 3 kids and I don’t know about any of you but we are busy. All the time. So when I am loading kids in the car to rush off to a practice or game of some sort, or making a quick trip to the grocery store to get the last few items for dinner before school pick ups, these little moments happen. Sometimes, I get frustrated and just yell, “get in the car, hurry up”. So, I might be alone on this one or there could be many others who would like to try a little harder with me, to stop and embrace that wonderful moment with your little human. I know its something I need to work on. Its those little moments. Those tiny blurbs that kids remember the most. So lets make them count.

A wonderful friend of mine told me instead of us(her children’s Godparents) buying her kids gifts as they get older, she would rather us take them on adventures and build memories. One of the BEST ideas I have ever heard. My friend is a GENIUS!!!!! What a wonderful idea!!! Then I began to really think about it. What do I really remember? The things or the moments???

I remember a few things, but I cherish the moments. Then I thought of my Grandparents. The lights of my life. Now the wings on my back. Boy, was I spoiled rotten…….and what do I remember….
One would think I would remember the Barbie cars and crawling dolls. The baby strollers and clothes….I do remember all of those, but what I really care about now are those free, perfect moments.

My Papa would sit in his chair, fresh out of the shower in his robe and slippers reading the news paper and let me do his hair. He had the most amazing silver hair. I could brush it and put clips and bows all over. He did not say a word and I was in hog heaven…….Or my Grama, dear lord that woman was a pistol. But she was my “CRAZY LADY” and my best friend. She was the person I could talk to, about anything. She told the most AMAZING stories. My whole life, I could lay on her bed while she was getting into her hidden candy stash or organizing her huge drawer of millions of knee high stalkings. I would just sit there for hours in awe. Listening to the craziness of the Great Depression and her and my Papa dancing their butts off at the “Sweat Box”. I think most of the time I was also trying to process how bananas and hilarious my Gramas stories were.

These moments. The ones that make me laugh and cry now because they are so special. I miss them so much, but have a heart full of memories. That is what I want for my children. Hearts full of special memories. Not of gifts, but moments.

Lets not forget the best gifts are free.


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