Everyone should be friends with a Diabetic!


Having a Diabetic child, one of the first things we were told in the hospital was to TELL EVERYONE. Meaning, this is not a secret. Share this with everyone and let everyone know what to watch out for during extreme highs and lows(so he doesn’t pass out or get really sick). Having friends is an important part of being a human. Your friends take care of you, make you smile and they are people you act silly with and protect. They are also your family. Kids need this and love it. Why shouldn’t their friends be part of the care process too.

So anyone who will be spending time with Hunter, is given a quick run down of things to watch out for and to remind him to test his blood sugar. If we will be away from him they get a quick lesson on his emergency shot, given a blood testing and eating schedule and how to change an insulin pump. Thank God for iPhones….Now we have FaceTime and picture messages to help if they get stuck.

At the beginning of every school year Hunter does a presentation explaining him having Diabetes. Every child with Type 1 Diabetes should be doing this!!!!!! Him and I write a not too long speech explaining that his body works differently and needs medication when he eats. He needs to go to the nurses office to test his blood sugar and medicine. He might need to eat a snack or have a drink during class and he is not trying to be rude, that is just what his body needs at that time to work better. Most importantly, if he gets a belly ache or starts acting sick and not himself on the playground or when there aren’t any adults around. His friends need to run him to the nurses office or get an adult quickly. Then the teacher shows a youtube video explaining Diabetes a little more and thats that.

With all of this the kids don’t understand 100% but they get the basics and that is all we ask for. Adults and parents are not always going to be around my Diabetic child so I need to be able to be confident that between him, his friends and classmates,knowing the basics, he will be just fine. As a parent you can only hope that your child will have good friends and they will not only have a ball together but take care of each other. I am very happy Hunter has some wonderful friends. He loves nothing more than to watch the expression on his friends faces when they freak out after they have asked Hunter to test his blood sugar;)


….Lego crazy with friends!!!!


2 thoughts on “Everyone should be friends with a Diabetic!

  1. Congrats on putting this blog together Dez! I try to read when I can 🙂 hopefully we can get together one if these days… Take care

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