Is Blood thicker then water?

…Thank you again Pinterest for your endless inspiration<3

Even Good old Garth sings:"Blood is thicker then water, but love is thicker then blood"

I was told recently something from an amazing woman, whom I admire greatly. She said one of the most wonderful things you get to do as an adult is that, "you get to pick your family". How true is that?!?!?!…and, why don't we take advantage of that?!?!?!?

As an adult, YOU get to surround yourself with things and people that make YOU happy. Don't let people make you do anything you don't want to or that doesn't make you happy. As adults and in life sometimes we do just need to: "bite the bullet", "take one for the team", "suck it up", "kill them with kindness"
But these moments should not be your norm. Don't allow it to be your norm! Why would you do that to yourself?!?!?! Putting up with and involving yourself in the "CRAP" is freakin exaughsting!!! Trust me, you can do so much better!!!

This year, like many were very relaxing Holidays for us. Turkey day was spent in stretchy pants, just the five of us, eating, laughing, watching movies, football and relaxing. It was perfect! We usually have a few relatives drive or fly in for the Holidays….and still, we are all in cozy clothes(pajamas normally) and we just enjoy and relax…..(and drink);)

So, circling back;) If what makes you happy is blood or love or both. THOSE are the people to surround yourself with.

My truth:" This is my Family. Blood & Found"……(thank you Tori Spelling for such a great quote)

They are the first phone call after my husband of course. They are my rocks and support system. They are the ones we spend Birthdays and Holidays with. My wonderful concoction of people I adore. I am very lucky because my Family is both Blood & Found.

I enjoy spending time with people who make me and my little family happy. Its my job to be a good person, mom and wife. It is not my job to be that for anyone else.

I know that "scientifically" blood is thicker then water. But for me, I’m with Garth.

Love IS thicker then all.


Happy Tuesday.
Thank you for letting me share.


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