Party of 5.


We have finalized our Adoption and we are now 100% (legally) a family!!!!!!

Couldn’t be happier:) I mean seriously, look at our little family!!!!!

It has been a long, exciting, scary as shit roller coaster…..Thought we wouldn’t make it a few times but seeing these faces every day makes it ALL worth it. Every second, every fear,every question, every tear, every smile!


Having now experienced child birth and the Adoption process….they are very similar. In that they are both an emotional roller coaster. You are excited, scared, anxious, feels like you wait forever, then the time comes and you decide a little longer wouldn’t hurt. Everyone thinks they know what is best for you. Everyone thinks they know everything, can fix every problem and give you a reason your way might be the wrong way. Truth: its non of their damn business. Enjoy your family! Live everyday like its Christmas!!!!!

You are going to make mistakes.

Sometimes you might make a bad decision.

But thats life. Sometimes we suck!

EMBRACE THE SUCK!………(thank you Beastly for one of the best movie lines I have ever heard)

The suck helps you become better. It helps us learn.

Because, the suck is out weighed by leaps and bounds by the soaring!

Oh soaring as a parent is the shit!!! That moment when all five of us are laughing soooo hard we are crying……

Last night was one of those!!! Anyone watch the Grammys???? Our Asher(just turned 3) and was convinced he was one of Katy Perry’s dancers….This kid is bananas and makes us laugh more than anything else in the world! These are his peeps he was dancing with.

Notice the “Cirque du Soleil” moves……the gymnastic like maneuvers, with the long pauses….Yeah, imagine that recreated by a 3 year old….I thought my husband was going to burst trying so hard to hold in the hysteria so we didn’t interrupt Asher’s show;) So much fun!

Happy Monday!

Don’t forget to EMBRACE THE SUCK!!!!!

Its the only way to truly embrace and enjoy the SOARING!!!


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