Diabetics and Parties??????…….EAT THE CAKE!!!!!!

So double post today! Will be at a friends baby shower all day tomorrow.

Tonight we are going to one of Hunters friends Birthday parties. Most would ask: can Hunter eat cake? how does he enjoy himself when he is restricted???

Well none of that applies to Our Little Diabetic! He is going to have a ball, enjoy the same as everyone else and EAT SOME FREAKIN CAKE TOO!

Instead of just running around playing and snacking, here is the difference.

-test his blood sugar right before we arrive.
-give him a little snack and a little insulin(this way he can play and run and enjoy without us stopping him for a while)
-time to eat(run to bathroom wash hands, test blood sugar real quick, dose for food and eat with friends)
-cake time(dose for cake) eat with friends

Doesn’t have to miss out on anything. Just a few extra steps to the process.

Diabetes won’t hold him back……ever.


…..He is ready for a party!!!


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