Love it!!

Today thinking of something to write about while listening to a 4 year old singing at the top of her lungs all the while a 3 year old is yelling, “be quiet, you too loud”. I really began to think about what got me here. What were the series of events and relationships that had to occur to get me right here?

I am not sure if its because I am now in my 30’s and I seem to understand more and just accept things and people for what they are(be it good or bad)(at least I try to).

It is almost like I feel a sense of clarity and okness(if thats at all a word).

Or maybe its the people that have recently be introduced or re-introduced into my life that have given me the ability to be. Be proud of my decisions, life and myself.

I thought of all kinds of things I could reflect on, lessons I have learned, terrible and wonderful people that were placed in my life to teach me a lesson. But all of that would be too long and bore the pants off of everyone, including myself;)

So instead I decided to turn to my limitless guilty pleasure for inspiration and material.

Pinterest, I love you!


…..Perfectly said. Perfectly put. Not boring at all. Ponder these for the day:)


2 thoughts on “Love it!!

  1. Sounds to me that you had one hell of a “gratitude day”! Good for you to be able to see with such “clear eyes” – to focus on the “now” – to sit in gratitude for this moment no matter how you got there! Baby, you are HERE and AWAKE!

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