So , last nights show was wonderful!!!! I was a wee bit nervous, praying to Jesus right before, begging to help me not sound like an idiot…..It worked! Thank you Jesus!!!!
I really enjoyed myself and hope everyone who listened in, learned a little and enjoyed themselves as well.

Here are the links I wanted to share from last nights show:
-this is a great site for info about Camps for Diabetics Nationwide

-this site the American Diabetes Association, great source for everything, also has some great links

-this site is for the Omnipod. The insulin pump our Little Diabetic uses daily.

-this is the wonderful Youtube video Hunter used to make his presentation to his class earlier this year.

I hope to elaborate on more I spoke about on the show and share more sites and info with all of you. Thank you so much!

If you missed the show last night, here is the link to listen in now:–parenting-a-child-with-type-i-diabetes

Lastly, another enormous THANK YOU to the wonderful, AAAAAAA-MAZING, Donna Schmid for having me as a guest on her show!!!! It was wonderful and I greatly appreciate it:) Here is a link to her site, please follow and enjoy.


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