It is no secret…..I lOVE movies, television and music……like obsessed love!

This movie was one of my All time favorite movies, well still. The time period, the love stories, the friendships, the music and the dancing= perfection!

You know when your in you tween ages and you dream to be in every love story you see…..well, I wanted to dance while being in this coming of age love story of great friends taking one last trip together before heading off to college. This and the “Debbie Gibson Concert tour” were two of my favorites I chose at the video store on Friday nights….to watch after TGIF of course;) I recently tried to buy this movie but apparently me finding it, is near impossible….unless I would like to purchase the VHS. Oh well, I will see it again and love every minute! I see a full collection of all of my favorite 80’s movies in my future…over half way there!!! Anyone else share in my 80’s movie obsession?????


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