Waking up to POO!!!!!!!……morning sunshine!!!!

potty training

As a mother I feel I have a love/hate relationship with POOP.  Once children reach a certain age, around1.5 there very tolerable baby poops turn into disgusting MAN poops. Its like you might as well be changing your spouses diaper. Yes, its that gross! So when our 2 year old was 100% potty trained at 2.5…..the skies parted and and the angles sang. Mama was done with diapers……..and more importantly POOPY DIAPERS!!!!!!

This morning we woke to the lovely sounds of our now 3 year old singing:) Very normal as Mr. Asher wakes us all on weekend mornings with his sweet melodies……”Airplanes, airplanes, me love airplanes” or our most recent favorite, the one we woke up to this morning;)…..”My mommy love me, my daddy love me, my Lukey(our dog) love me”. Adorable right?!?!?!?! Well soon after his lovely songs we heard the equally as wonderful sounds of little feet running into our room one at a time….9 year old runs in, goes potty, jumps in our bed. Four year old runs in, goes potty, jumps in our bed. Then here comes Asher…..runs in, yells, “me go poop” and runs to the potty. The four of us in bed now begin to smell what is emanating from the master bath and ask if he is ok????? He yells , “yay, me pooping from my butt”…..you know, in case we were unsure about the process;)

After a few minutes, daddy went to check on him and hear that lovely sound of dry heaving come from my husband. That lovely sound I have grown to love that happens anytime there is an out of control poop problem. He can handle barf, blood, guts, staples and stitches(poor man has had to clean all of those, for me). But when it comes to poop, I count down because I know I am going to hear: “D     E    Z   H   A    R   A   E   !   !    !    !    !    !    !    !” An just like clock work he began yelling, while simultaneously  dry heaving:) 

I walked in to find poop, well everywhere in our bathroom. He had pooped in his pull up and while it was still half on jumped onto the toilet wiping his poopy hands all over the toilet. It was quite a site!!!!! There was fecal matter on his hands, legs, bottom, pajamas and of course a llllllll over the toilet. Now at this time of course, the other two had to come in and inspect ,which led to two more dry heaving and screaming in horror. I put him in the tub. Cleaned him up and got him dressed. Then onto the bathroom and opened all the windows while deodorizing everything. Then, when I was through I asked the adorable little stinker, “Dude, why didn’t you get up and go poop in the potty?”   His response, “Mom, me was singing.”

……Well Lord forbid we should interrupt that!!!!!

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone has a “non-poop filled” weekend;)


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