Insulin Pumps vs. Needles Part 2



I wanted to add to my previous post because I would hate for anyone to think that this makes Living with Type 1 Diabetes by any means a cake walk. Or that one pump is better than any other pump or just doing injections. I want to write this blog to share our experience and maybe shed some light on not only Diabetes. But things we have found, that help our child with Diabetes.

Every one is different and everyones bodies functions differently. Some people prefer using a pump and others injections. People have different insurance carriers and different pumps are covered through different insurances. Do the research! We saw the brochure in the Dr., asked her and went straight home and I called our insurance co., the manufacturer of the insulin pump. I called our mail order pharmacy that delivers our Diabetic supplies to ask them if they carried the device. I even went on to blogs and wanted to see what people liked and disliked about not only this pump but others pumps as well and why they liked them. 

When we gathered all of the info and found that this was not only a great product for Hunter. The fact that it was covered both by our insurance, our pharmacy(they had amazing thins to say about it). It sealed the deal. This particular insulin pump was the right choice for not only our Little Diabetic but also our bank account. 

No matter what you choose, it can be one of the many insulin pumps or if you like to use injections or the pen. All of these are just different means to receive the insulin. That is the most import part. So do your research, ask around and find what is best for you and your Diabetic.

Yes, the Onmipod is AMAZING! We love it!!! However we do still need to do all of the other things just like every other Type 1 Diabetic: count carbs, know the correct carb count for a meal, always carry a fast acting glucose, an emergency glucose kit, remember to test blood sugar every two hours….ect. Again, this is basically just another way for the insulin to be delivered. It does make our lives a little easier, and from where we started we have come SSSOOOOOO far. This, for us, is amazing and makes some everyday things easier and helps our Diabetic feel a little more free and normal so it was the right choice. For us.


Thank you.


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