Nurses & Doctors are Saviors!


Today I spoke with one of the many AMAZING nurses at Hunters Endocrinologist to help me with some info for the Blog Talk radio show I will be on next week! Boy am I glad I have them! She not only gave me some wonderful statistics. She also gave me some wonderful advice.

I would like today to be my “thank you” to all of the Pediatric Dr.’s and Nurses.

Having a child with any disease, illness, broken bone, ear infection, Lego stuck up their nose(Hunter did do this), these people are there. There to give us advice, medicine or just calm a frantic parents nerves. Pediatric doctors and nurses are nothing short of amazing! I know for sure, it is a job that I could never do. We are very lucky to have a Pediatrician who answers her own after hours line and have Endocrinologists at the children’s hospital to call 24 hours a day when our Little Diabetic is queasy. Not to mention, the nurses that refill prescriptions in minutes, can get a list of blood sugars for the week and know in a minute how to slightly adjust insulin dosages to make blood sugar levels wonderful again. They make us feel empowered and capable when we are tearing ourselves down, because nothing we seem to do is working. They, are my go to people when Hunter is vomiting, his blood sugar has dropped(taking way too long to come back up) and his key tones are through the roof. Terrified that we might need to admit him to the hospital, when you have a Dr. on the line telling you:”everything is going to be ok, you are doing exactly what you are supposed to. Give it another hour and if nothing changes drive to the hospital and let us help. He will be ok”….Its like those words let me breathe again. Everything IS going to be ok. If we need to drive to hospital, then thats what we need to do!

So, THANK YOU! Thank you for helping our kids stay healthy. Thank you for teaching us how to keep them healthy. Thank you for fixing them when they are broken. Thank you for helping us feel like capable, informed parents again, we tend to loose that sometimes. Thank you for being there at all hours. Kids always feel the worst in the wee hours. You poor people get barfed on, peed on and bitten. Thank you for not running away;) You make people healthy. You make people feel good. That is amazing! We appreciate every single one of you.

You probably do not hear it enough so,s Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


-Thankful Parents


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