Insulin Pumps vs. Needles

CS_OMNIPOD_BDTN12_28 fruit lineup

 We played around with the idea of an Insulin Pump for our Diabetic for a short time. I think, it was because we had finally gotten confident and good at the whole shot thing. It was really like having a baby again. Traveling wise I mean. Before we could leave the house we had to make sure we had enough test strips(to test his blood sugar), his poker hadn’t dulled(thingy he pricks his finger with),enough Insulin and needles, alcohol swabs and lastly cooler and ice packs to last us the duration of our trip. Now this was the case whether it was for 2 hours or 36. If we weren’t prepared we could end up in the hospital.

It was at a routine Endocrinologist appt that Hunter and I saw new brochures about switching to an Insulin Pump. One that caught my eye was the Omnipod. After reading it and explaining it to Hunter we were sold and ready to call dad ASAP to share the excitement. When the Dr. came in, Hunter asked her if this was a possibility. I had prepared him right before, telling him….you know we might need to wait a bit, we might not be ready just yet but we will switch when the time is right! He spoke up and asked his Dr.  She responded with “YES”, “when would you like to start?” Ummmmmm, not the answer I expected but who cares. SCORE!!!!

What drew me to the Omnipod for Hunter was a few things:cordless(meaning no tubes connecting pump to injection sight to get tangled in), waterproof(meant no disconnecting and reconnecting while bathing or swimming), lastly insulin pump and blood sugar tester was all in one device. Now this was life changing!!!!!! Everything together meant no further need for needles and viles of Insulin, ice packs, coolers…..omg we were free!!!!!! The most amazing thing of all………are you ready for it!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?This amazing contraption calculates and adjusts dosage itself for each dose!!!! I was using a calculator, carrying around typed out correction scale from the Dr.( a correction scale is an adjustment scale +/- the regular insulin dosage according to the blood sugar being higher or lower than their target blood sugar. It basically states different dosages to add or take away from a dose to get blood sugar on target) So now, with the Omnipod, it was all programmed into this small, AMAZING, LIFE CHANGING device. OMG!!!!!!

Ok, so when we got home we began our research. We Googled it, Youtubed it, ordered a starter kit and scheduled a rep to come out and explain everything to us. Now there is tons of info I can bore you with, give you a pro’s and cons list and try to explain every detail. But I won’t. This would be miles long. So here is a little more of my 2cents;)

We LOVE thing! It works for US! It was a miracle to have our then seven year old go from 4 shots a day to 1 injection every 3 days. Bonus, it made our lives easier and made him feel more normal. Just for those reasons alone, we were sold. Add in all of the above and more I haven’t gotten around to sharing and for us it was a no brainer. Why didn’t we find this sooner?????After being frustrated with myself, not being a good enough mom to look into other Insulin delivery options for my child, I took a breath and really thought about it.

We followed the exact orders of the Dr.’s trained to treat this. They spent hours in a classroom in the hospital having my husband and myself measure insulin, give shots to one another, count carbs. We now had it down. We were trained and knew exactly what to do if Hunters new insulin pump wasn’t working or broke for some reason. We did this in the right order. Now was our time to enjoy a little leisure and a little mental break with this genius device. So , if you would like some more info on this or are just curious here is the website:

Thank you.Image


2 thoughts on “Insulin Pumps vs. Needles

  1. I love how you gleaned the positive “learning” from the “pump” experience. Hunter is a lucky guy to have a mom that doesn’t sweat the small stuff and tackles obstacles and challenges with curiosity and an enormous amount of motivation! Kudos to you MOM, DAD and HUNTER!

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