Pizza vs. Diabetic…..Riding the blood sugar waves


Pizza is delicious, greasy, cheesy and just hits the spot sometimes. Its every kids favorite. We have it at parties, after the football game, at sleepovers…..easy and cheap….right??????

With a Diabetic in the house we have learned what the loaded carbs, sugars and fats combination really does to your body. Did you know that the effects of eating pizza reek havock on your blood sugar for up to 12 hours??????? Its the combination that takes longer to break down in the system. So for Hunter, normally we dose him for correct carbs and sugars. Two hours later his blood sugar is either perfect or high. Then every two hours for the next 6-12 hours his blood sugar is pretty much a crap shoot. For our Little Diabetic this is also the case with any kind of white rice and any kind as beans as well……Mexican food(no bueno);) but we still eat it sparingly.

For insulin pump users there is actually something called the “pizza bolus”. This means that part of the insulin needed to cover the pizza is given right away and the rest is given later in hopes to better control the “blood sugar crap shoot”. It sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. With blood sugars moving up and down by a meal like pizza, this causes our Diabetic to get a tummy ache and not really enjoy having pizza very often. So instead of having him feel crappy and us still wanting to enjoy the occasional greasy slice we COMPROMISE! We let him pick either a hot sub or salad and pasta from the pizza place. Hey its a win/win. Same place, same delivery, everyones happy:)

This is just what works for Our Diabetic. What we have found through trial and error that is best for him. Sometimes he does just want to dig in and have 4 pieces of pizza and we all know, him included that he will have high blood sugar later, maybe low too.

Hey, sometimes running around with your friends having a ball, eating your weight in pizza is totally worth a belly ache and some highs and lows. As long as it isn’t super often, ITS REALLY OK! Find out what works best for your Diabetic and your family. You are the ones living this life. 

P.S. Hunter wanted to me to add that thin crust pizza with super light sauce or olive oil instead is way better anyway;)


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