Sea of Love

Music is one of my favorite things in the world, besides my little family, my bed and food. There is a song for every mood, every situation, every event. Songs, for me are that mental picture. The first few notes in a song take me back to that exact moment in time and memories come flooding in. The smell, the people, the feelings. Me at that moment in time. A song can make me cry, burst out laughing or make my entire day happier because of the amazing place it took me back to in those few minutes.

This song is redone and i love it. It was on the movie Juno and I think, being a young mom this is one of my Hunter songs. I have a few songs per kid that to me are them. I am sure those lists will grow through the years. This song is beautiful in every version because the lyrics are perfect. I can close my eyes and tears stream down my face because this song is My Hunter. 


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