My Violent Femmes Journey

It is 1995 and I am in the seventh grade. My one night a week obsession besides 90210 of course is “My So Called Life”. It was amazing. I couldn’t wait to experience high school. Become my own version of Angela Chase. Find my own Jordan Catalano. I heard this song for the first time one night when I was 13………and have been in love since. 

Violent Femmes are weird and funky and AMAZING!!! The next day I begged my mom to take me to Wherehouse music and I bought the cd. I had recently upgraded from cassettes;) Within a week I had memorized the entire CD. I would sing at the top of my lungs and dance around my room like a crazy person.

Cut to two years later. It is the summer of 97 and I am now 15. I got to see the Violent Femmes, in concert, on the beach. We were standing in the sand, in the front row waiting for the main act, “Sugar Ray” to perform. Although Mark McGrath was quite the hunk, I was there for something else. 

The Violent Femmes hit the stage and everyone was confused. On stage walks these 30 something year old guys who are obviously not the shirtless god that is the lead singer of Sugar Ray. While the sea of teenage girls went from ready to faint, to reapplying lipgloss and talking……..I was in heaven. I heard the first few notes and I sang, danced and screamed……to every song they played. I felt like I was at a private concert. Front row, band singing and smiling at me. The one person who terribly butchered every note beautifully. Sugar Ray eventually came on later that night. We got pushed away from the stage by the crazy crowd. The beautiful shirtless wonder was quite a sight! But I will always remember that day, as my perfect, private, Violent Femmes concert.

Cut to present day. Seventeen years later(wow I feel old) and I still have that cd in my car. Its in the shuffle with Kidz Bop, Little Mermaid soundtrack, Justin Timberlake and Prince. To this day every time I hear this song, a smile is plastered on my face and I beautifully butcher every note.


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